A holistic approach to counseling

Areas of Practice


Anxiety is the epidemic of our age affecting more than 40 million people in the United States. Having anxiety can be life altering, even in less severe forms, anxiety can limit one’s full potential. Anxiety is highly treatable using different evidence based protocols like Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Exposure Therapy. Through talking and discovering the different factors causing the anxiety and then implementing strategies, many people experience alleviation of their symptoms if not complete remittance.


Pilates is often not recognized as a mindful exercise but this is a misconception. Pilates creates a habit of attention to what your body is doing and feeling and helps develop the capacity to be aware. Traditional modes of therapy can be integrated with Pilates that is tailored uniquely to the clients needs. Movement in any form is essential for mental health.  Pilates movement specifically cultivates greater awareness which flows into the movements of daily life. After several sessions people generally notice that when they are going about their day they are more aware of how their body is moving and feeling and experience greater strength and control.